an eventful week

Saturday 18th August 2007 Sunshine.

What an eventful week I have had. This is after all the excitement of Narrelle and her new baby, and Linda being in Melbourne leaving me on my own.

It all started last Sunday with that accident I was involved in, with me then being very busy organising repairs for the panel-van that needs to be done before we are ready to leave here for our venture back down south.

There have also been a few hiccups with the organisation of follow up procedures after the passing of Linda’s brother Kenny, but all is now done as to our satisfaction.

Now I have been informed that our shipping container, with our furniture and such stored in, needs to be moved from its present location. The main problem is that this has to be finalised before mid November or so, and we may have to go home very early and rearrange things. We are now actually considering getting rid of everything in the container, then selling the container, this will then relieve us of the worry of what we will do in future if this occurs again. It is a little early to decide right now as there are other points to consider such as: Matthew and Louisa have some furniture in the container as well, so they are going to have to remove that before we can start to empty our gear. The decision to get rid of all our stuff in the container is mainly because we will probably find it difficult in future to get back into the housing market so we are likely to be living in the van for a fair while, so most of the gear will not be needed. We will simply have to make a decision about everything we do wish to keep when we empty it, and find somewhere to store them.

The thing that could drastically effect our decision to go home early is the repairs to the car, if the repairers don’t do the job in the next coupe of weeks.

I had a visit from the couple riding the motor-bike involved in the accident on Sunday, and was surprised to see both, especially the wife being the pillion that was thrown into my car, were not suffering much injury. They were both suffering a little, but only expected I suppose. They decided that they wanted to visit to thank me for my support for the wife during the incident. I guess some of my first aid training at work has finally paid off.