Planning a trip to Melbourne.

Friday 27th July 2007, Sunshine.

Daughter Narrelle is now not far off giving birth to her second child, and we have had the problem of trying to make plans of going to Melbourne to be present at the birth. Linda wants to be there for Narrelle’s assistance, and it would be nice if I could also be there for the birth, but the problem is booking air fares without having to pay maximum price giving only a couple of days notice. Linda’s flights are not such a great problem as she wants to be there before the birth and for a period afterward, so she is flying down on Wednesday with no return booking. I have decided that I will fly down a day or so after we are sure she will have given birth, and unfortunately air fares and bookings will only allow me to be there for two days, but this will give me time to see a bit of her, and Matt, and also visit Matthew, Louisa and kids while there. I am looking forward to seeing the kids, but after Linda rang the other night and mentioned that I was coming down I think the kids are looking forward to my visit more so.

So for now it is back to the mundane life of enjoying the sunshine, yes the cold spell seems to be finally over and the weather is back to what we came up here for.