On my own again

Monday 30th July 2007, Sunshine.

I am on my own once again. Daughter Narrelle rang the other day asking if Linda could go to Melbourne early so we changed her flight bookings and sent her down there today. It will help when Narrelle has the baby, so Linda can look after the youngster while she is in hospital. Linda is hopeful of staying in Melbourne for a few weeks to assist Narrelle and get to know the kids so I don’t really know how long I will be on my own.

I am still going down for a couple of days, from Sunday till Tuesday, and will be returning here and not go to Tassie for Ken’s memorial service, but Linda will make a trip from Melbourne when we find out what is to eventuate.

Plan changes with some bad news

Saturday 28th July 2007, Sunshine.

How plans can easily change: Just after writing yesterdays report we received a phone call informing us that Linda’s brother Ken had passed away in Hobart. We will now be planning a trip to Tassie for his memorial service, and hopefully it will coincide somewhat with the flight bookings to Melbourne that we have already made.

Linda was naturally upset about the news, but for those concerned she is now feeling a lot better.

Planning a trip to Melbourne.

Friday 27th July 2007, Sunshine.

Daughter Narrelle is now not far off giving birth to her second child, and we have had the problem of trying to make plans of going to Melbourne to be present at the birth. Linda wants to be there for Narrelle’s assistance, and it would be nice if I could also be there for the birth, but the problem is booking air fares without having to pay maximum price giving only a couple of days notice. Linda’s flights are not such a great problem as she wants to be there before the birth and for a period afterward, so she is flying down on Wednesday with no return booking. I have decided that I will fly down a day or so after we are sure she will have given birth, and unfortunately air fares and bookings will only allow me to be there for two days, but this will give me time to see a bit of her, and Matt, and also visit Matthew, Louisa and kids while there. I am looking forward to seeing the kids, but after Linda rang the other night and mentioned that I was coming down I think the kids are looking forward to my visit more so.

So for now it is back to the mundane life of enjoying the sunshine, yes the cold spell seems to be finally over and the weather is back to what we came up here for.

Coastal weather report

Friday 20th July 2007, Sunshine.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology the minimum average temperature for the Sunshine Coast for June is 9-10 degrees, and for July is 7-8 degrees, and over the past couple of years we have been visiting this has rung true. This year though, things have been a bit different, the overnight temperatures for the past 6 or so weeks has been a constant 5-8 degrees below the average, making it rather cool. We have in fact had the heater running constantly of an evening for that duration. The last week has recorded several lowest temperatures for the area on record, with Thursday evening recording 0.6 degrees at the airport, and this morning recording 0 degrees, yes I said Zero. People have even recorded having a frost right on the coast for the first time in 50 years or so.

This cold snap has made us and many others wonder why we came up here, with the common statement being “we may as well have stayed at home

Sunshine Coast

Monday 16th July 2007, Sunshine.

Our new fridge has now been installed and, as would be expected, it is working quite satisfactorily. In fact it seems to work somewhat better than the old one, then the mechanic did indicate that the old one would be a lot older than the eight years we have had the van. Perhaps, as one would expect, the later models are a bit more efficient and therefore work a bit better, I guess time will tell.

I mentioned number three the other day: Although it hasn’t failed we have been considering a new mattress for the bed, but when we got some quotes today we may have to reconsider. The main reason is that I have this idea that if we spend over $1,000 on a new mattress, is it going to be that much better than the one we already have? We will have to ponder this one for a while.

Sunshine Coast (New site)

Saturday 14th July 2007, Still at Sunshine Coast.

We are much happier with our new site after our big move on Thursday. It is on the other side of the road so the van is parked 180 degrees around the other way, and this allows us to get the morning sun in the annexe earlier and have it there all day. It makes it a lot warmer in the annexe all day, which is much more tolerable, and we are also not effected by the cool breezes as they generally come from the south to south west. There are also other advantages such as, being closer to the amenities, closer to friends, and we find that more people walk past this site and will stop for a chat, something we did miss on the other site, and it does help pass time.

Sunshine Coast

Thursday 12th July 2007, Sunshine.

We have had enough of sitting here, so today we have decided to have a move, see the map below for details.

Sunshine Coast

Wednesday 11th July 2007, Sunshine.

I was about to once again mention that nothing much is happening lately, but to the contrary plenty has been happening, it is just that most is normal routine. With the usual things of house-keeping there are always new friends to meet, and the regular things like walks along the beach. I would hate for people to think that all we do is sit around and vegetate, it turns out that we generally find that we do not ever have a great deal of spare time.

Today though was a day out of the ordinary of late, with our awaking at about 5:00 AM to the very strong smell of ammonia filling the caravan, not nice at all. An inspection inside and out revealed that the fumes were coming from our fridge vents and then being blown in Linda’s bedroom window. Enquiries today have revealed that our fridge, this time the three-way one mounted in the caravan, had failed badly. I spoke to a gas mechanic about repairs and considering that a new fridge was only 25% cost, or so, greater than repairs, we have chosen to replace it with a new one to be fitted on Friday, hopefully. As Linda said, “It’s just as well we don’t have three fridges, as things generally happen in threes