Sunshine Coast

Monday 18th June 2007, Sunshine.

Time to sound ‘Soppy’. It is very nice to once again have Linda back home. This is not just because I can now get fed properly, with decently cooked meals, a nice roast lamb tonight, but I do find her company helps pass the time a lot more easily. I do admit things were becoming a little boring while she was away. Her company is probably not the absolute best at the moment with the bug she bought back with her, but I really don’t mind whatever little inconveniences that come along with it.

I am once again showing a little frustration with businesses on the Sunshine coast. On past dealings in the area I have noticed how businesses here don’t seem to give a great deal of importance to ringing clients to keep them informed of the status of deals. The same was noted of the refrigeration people fixing my Waeco fridge, on numerous occasions I had to call them, and call back again, to find out what was happening. More today when after I had noticed that they had not replaced the screws in the cover after repairing the fridge. I rang them early this morning to complain and their response was “I will get the tech give you a ring and arrange a remedy