Sunshine Coast

Friday 15th June 2007, Sunshine Coast.

As I previously said it will be a while between reports while here as life goes on day by day with not a great deal being different.

Linda has returned from Melbourne and in a couple of days things should be back to something of normality. She is still coughing with the bug she picked up while down there, but hopefully that will clear up in time to come.

I finally have my Waeco fridge back, and finally repaired. I did pick it up on Wednesday supposedly fixed with a fan motor replaced, but Thursday morning I couldn’t get any milk from the carton as everything was frozen solid, it was working too well. I returned the fridge once again and they replaced the thermistor and all now seems ok, but monitoring over the next fays will tell. At least it must have been covered by warrantee as it didn’t cost me anything, a big bonus I guess.

Most of the people we have come to know while here over the past couple of years are here again having migrated north once again, so it will be, and has been, nice to catch up with them all again.