Sunshine Coast

Thursday 24th May 2007, Sunshine.

I have had a couple of rather productive days: Some painting has been done, having done several cupboard doors already, but having a rest day today. I had the couch seats cleaned yesterday and they came up better than I thought they would, we must use covers from now on as the cost of cleaning would easily cover the cost of some decent covers.

I went to the fridge repair man today to find out what is happening with the fridge, seeing he has had it for a week. I did return home with the fridge, and a new lid. It seems the old lid was quite warped and this was the only problem the mechanic could find, so I will monitor it and see how it performs.

We may see some changes in layout of the web site from now on, as son Matthew is giving me some tips on making it easier to update it. We started with a software tool called Windows Live Writer that is a tool specifically for publishing ‘Posts’ on a ‘Blog’. We will see what eventuates in the future.