Sunshine Coast

Wednesday 23rd May 2007, Sunshine.

Been busy the past few days doing house chores. I have started painting the cupboard doors again, as a few of them do get knocked around.

I also took the seats to a carpet cleaner today and had them cleaned, and they did come up well. After 7 years of sitting on the seats without covers they did get rather dirty in patched with my sweaty and grimy legs rubbing against them. It got to the stage that when I sat down the seats actually felt wet, so I think in future there will be covers used.

I also have the Waeco fridge in for repairs as it has started running for a longer period than normal. I did speak to the repair man the other day and he is a bit stumped as to what is wrong, so it could take some time to repair. He also thought it was drawing too much current even though I told him that what it is drawing now is the same as it always has been, but he says it is not right. Hopefully the fridge will be better after repairs than when it was new if that is the case.