Sunshine Coast

Friday 18th May 2007, Sunshine.

On my own once again: Linda has gone back to Melbourne for a few weeks to visit Grandkids, so I am once again left to fend for myself.

The regular winter visitors from Victoria are starting to filter in so it won’t be long before the park is chock-a-block full again, and already I have been called upon to overcome TV reception problems. One who only learned about STB’s last year bought himself a new one with a hard drive, and is having troubles driving it. Turns out it only has one tuner and I am sure he thought he would be able to record while watching another channel, I had bad news for him.

A couple of chores done today leaves me to ponder what I am left to do for the remainder of time here, but I am sure I will have no problems filling in time. I have been reminded that the cupboard doors need repainting, and that will be time consuming.