Crows Nest

Wednesday 2nd May 2007, Crows Nest.

Now at Crows Nest about 40k north of Toowoomba, see map. After travelling only about 130k this will be our last stop before the Sunshine Coast.

We have actually been here before having made a day trip from Toowoomba back in 2002. When we had a small drive around town today it all started coming back to us. We have now been to that many different places we tend to forget some of them. When we got home we had a look at my photos and it was all there. None-the-less we will enjoy our two day stay here, if the ants don’t carry us away.


Tuesday 1st May 2007, Millmerran.

We have decided that Millmerran would be a good place for a stopover on the way north, or down south, but we couldn’t stay here for a lengthy time. It is a nice enough place, and caravan park, but there is not a great deal to do round town. We went for a drive today along a recommended tourist drive and overall weren’t over impressed with what we did see. They made a big thing about the power station and Coal mine with lookouts, but we found the lookouts were too far away to get a good look anyway. Several other lookouts were non events as well so it is not really a tourist destination at all.