Tuesday 17th April 2007, Temora.

We have now moved from Darlington Point to Temora, See map, about 150k to the east of Griffith. We have visited here on Easter Saturday for the flying day at the Aviation Museum, and declared then that we must return for a few days, we had already planned a visit anyway.

The caravan park here operates a little differently than others we have stayed at, whereas there is no office on site. The park is owned by the council and a sign out front informs stayers to set up on site and the caretaker will come around later in the day and take ones money. It is certainly cheap enough, especially with second day free. The sign out the front actually stated $13.00 per day, but the actual charge was $15.00, but who’s arguing.

More minor tyre dramas today: I made a trip to Griffith yesterday to have that flat tyre repaired, and they did find a hole in it which they repaired. They did live up to the warranty I had and did it for free. Anyway this morning I noticed the same tyre looked a little flat again, and upon checking I found it had lost 5 pound overnight. I pumped it up and dropped in to Beaurepair on the way to Temora this morning, and would you believe nothing could be found. I guess I will just have to keep an eye on it over the next week or so.