Thursday 19th April 2007, Temora.

A visit to a small town 35k west called Ariah Park was the order of the day. Ariah Park is a town that the locals have tried to keep looking as it did back in the 20’s, and there are plenty of old buildings. They also have scattered around town some very old fuel bowsers, but they do look as they have been randomly placed, but who knows. The cobble stones in the streetscape didn’t look to me as though they belonged back in those days. I am not trying to ridicule the place, it was quite nice, but I do wonder how much their idea is just to get tourists in.

Back to Temora: I haven’t yet done my photo thing around here yet, but do intend to tomorrow. This town also has some fantastic old buildings, and plenty of them as this town is quite a bit larger than we originally expected.

It has been an unexpected shock while here having to watch analogue TV after managing to have all digital for the last year or two. The reception here is a bit scratchy and I have had to adapt all my viewing resources. Win and Ten are watchable on analogue, ABC and Prime are not receivable with my aerials, being channels 0 and 2 in band 1, so ABC (and SBS but we don’t watch it) is picked up on digital, then the only way to get Prime, or 7, is to use the satellite. I have done well in organising all this gear and it is very easy to change from one system to another, but at least we do have access to all channels.