Darlington Point

Saturday 14th April 2007, Darlington Point.

More tyre dramas: That slow leaking one on the back of the car went completely flat today. You might ask, “what’s unusual about that?” well it was supposedly fixed yesterday. While we were at Leeton I took it in to a tyre shop for repairs, they said it was only the valve so they replaced it, at a cost of $10.00. Bit much of a coincidence that it was the same one that went flat today, bit of a shame we are not going back to Leeton so I could stick it up-em. Being Saturday today and nowhere to repair it being open, it may have to wait until Tuesday while we are passing through Griffith, at least I might be able to claim it at Beaurepairs with my damage warranty.

We went to Cocoparra National Park today, about 30 kilometres north east of Griffith, and did a couple more bush-walks. This is of all places that the tyre went down.

We started off being a little disillusioned with the Nation Park to start with as the so-called graded gravel roads were some of the worst and dustiest we have used for a while. We first checked out a camping ground, but we would never take the van into it because of the roads, and we wouldn’t stay there anyway because the grounds are the same gravel and dusty surrounds. The first walk to a waterfall was rather disappointing, being rather small and dry, and the drive up Mt Bingar was a waste of time as there no scenic sites at all.

All was made up for though with the next two walks up gorges and creek beds. The rock formations were something to be seen, one being on the meeting of two creek beds and referred to as the Amphitheatre. The other walk was also up a creek bed come gorge with equally remarkable rock formations, but the difference with this one was the return of the loop walk was along the top of the cliff face of the gorge. Linda was heard to say that these walks were actually more rewarding that our visit to Carnarvon Gorge and I would agree. The difference is that Carnarvon Gorge didn’t offer any good views of the gorge itself, and even though the walks, gorges, at Cocoparra are of a lot smaller scale the scenery of the gorge itself was much better. Take nothing away from Carnarvon, it had its own type of uniqueness.

I will seek some reasonable photos and put them on the Recent Photos page in the next day or so.

Darlington Point

Friday 13th April 2007, Darlington Point.

Its a pity we chose to stay at Melbourne for so long as we now don’t have the time to see the towns we would have liked to. It also comes from us wanting to get to the Sunshine Coast early.

We went for a drive to Leeton today and decided that this is a town we really would have liked to visit. We are now going to have to visit there some time in the future. Linda tells me now that she had heard about this town before and has wanted to visit there for a while now. We actually considered today that perhaps we should have gone to Leeton instead of here, but the idea of coming here was for the peace and quiet.

We are now committed to our travels for the next week, as we are now waiting for our mail to be forwarded to Temora, so we can’t just change our minds.

Darlington Point

Thursday 12th April 2007, Darlington Point.

So much for our relaxing week, for today anyway: We have gotten an infestation of ants that we must have picked up at Wagga and we are at present fumigating the van. We are trying a ‘Bomb’ for the first time so we are at present locked out of the van for a couple of hours, I am now in the laundry come camp kitchen writing these words.

More on ants: where we are now we have a large nest of ants close by the site we are on. They are of those larger type that nest in a great conglomeration of nests in one area. The ones that if you jump on, or near, the nest they all scurry out to protect the nest. These are a type that don’t seem to want to get into the van even though they do climb all over it therefore not really being a problem. The thing is that with the ant rid that we put under the van, these ants seem to really love it, more so that others in the past. They have been all over the caps full of the ant rid we have put down and in fact last night when we checked them there were no ants around them, probably gone home, but the caps we placed there were also void of any ant rid, they had taken it all. We refilled them and this morning they are smothering the traps again, so it will be interesting to see what it finally does to the nest.

Anyway Thursday normally being my day for Internetting, downloading TV guides and such, I thought I would utilise the time locked out of the van to sit in the camp kitchen and do just that.

We are glad we decided to come to Darlington Point as this is such a quiet and peaceful location, not many other campers but those that are here are very friendly, that’s not unusual though.

We are also considering getting to the Sunshine Coast a week or two earlier than planned, not surprising, because Linda is talking of going back to Melbourne late in May and wants to be on the Coast for a week or two before she does, so basically from after here it will be just short trips and short stays until we get there.

Darlington Point

Tuesday 10th April 2007, Darlington Point.

We arrived a little late after a troubled trip today to Darlington Point with an overheating wheel on the caravan. I had noticed that one of the rear tyres on the car was lacking air on Sunday and after pumping it up I have been checking it regularly. What has this got to do with the caravan?, just read on. When we arrived at Narrandera to purchase fruit after entering the fruit-fly zone I decided to check the car tyre again, and surprise all was ok. While I had the pressure gauge in my hand I thought I would also check the caravan tyres and almost burned my hand when I touched the wheel, see we got there.

After having trouble finding someone to look at it, either still off for Easter or too busy after what break they did have, I finally located a workshop that did look at it straight away. The wheel bearings weren’t tip-top so they were replaced, but the real problem was one of the retaining (return) springs had unclipped itself and come off causing the brake pad to constantly rub causing the heat. After another nearly $300.00 all now seems ok after arriving here.

Now that we are here I think we are going to enjoy a week long visit as all appears to live up to the stories we have heard. Darlington Point is about 50 k south of Griffith on the Kidman Way, and the caravan park is right on the edge of the Murrumbidgee river. It is ever so quiet here so the visit should be very enjoyable.

This is one of those many small towns we had previously passed through and said ” what a great looking little town, we must come back and stay sometime”. It is one of the few we have found time to actually return to.

Wagga Wagga

Monday 9th April 2007, Wagga.

We are now packed and ready for a move tomorrow. We will be going to Darlington Point, south of Griffith.

Mobile coverage may be limited while there, so if anyone tries calling Linda and can’t get through try calling my number, which should work, or send an email as it seems I will have Internet access. The other option in case of emergency is to call the caravan park: Darlington Point Riverside Caravan Park on 02 6968 4237.

We have heard quite a bit about this small township, or the caravan park at least, being friendly, on the side of the Murrumbidgee river and very quiet with not much to do, so we are looking forward to spending a week just relaxing. It is not far from Griffith so if we need to do some shopping we can always go there.

Wagga Wagga

Saturday 7th April 2007, Wagga.

A well worth while visit to Temora today to the Aviation Museum. We had fully intended staying, and still do, at Temora with the main attraction being the Aviation Museum. We had heard several stories about it, and today’s visit proved more than what we had heard. The museum has quite a few old war planes of various types, but today’s visit revealed that they have all been fully restored and are in working order. Every now and then they have a ‘Flying Day’ and today was one of them. At $15.00 admission this proved a day of real value to see all these old planes fly with running commentary. Some larger planes were also flown in for the day from H.A.R.S. (Historical Aviation Restoration Society) on the coast somewhere near Sydney.

Linda was heard to say that on her part it was an awesome day as she had never seen these type old planes in action before, rather than just on display. Any other day the planes are stored in the hangars which are open to the public, along with many other articles. As I said we fully intend returning for a stay and return to the museum to check it out under normal museum conditions, so we didn’t bother looking at any more today, not that we had time anyway.

Wagga Wagga

Easter Friday 6th April 2007, Wagga.

About the last of our touristy things done today, for this visit anyway, doing the Heritage Walk around town taking photos of the old buildings, and there are some.

We plan on going to Temora for a visit tomorrow. We do plan on going there for a stay in a couple of weeks, with one of our main aims to see the Aviation Museum. It turns out they often have a ‘Flying Day’ where they take most of their displays to the air along with some visiting planes, so we are going to visit on a flying day.

Wagga Wagga

Thursday 5th April 2007, Wagga.

If necessary, apologies to Matthew and Louisa, because we have finally taken the plunge and given Piper the bird away. We have decided that the travelling life may not have been agreeing with him as his mood seemed to change in whatever location we were in. He seemed to regress a lot more here in Wagga than we have noticed anywhere else, so the decision was finally made to give him to what will hopefully be a much better home. We say a woman at a pet shop and explained our dilemma and she agreed to take him, in fact she said she needed a pet at home so that is where he will be going.

Wagga Wagga

Wednesday 4th April 2007, Wagga.

We returned to Lockhart today and pondered how it was such a pity there was very little mobile coverage in the area. This would have been a great little place to have spent a week. There wouldn’t have been much to do, in fact this trip today and the one the other day to The Rock would have been about it, but it would have been a nice green-grassed caravan park on the edge of a small waterway to just sit and not do much.

Another part of today’s trip was to Galore Hill with the idea of more bushwalking, but the walking was very limited. Then after The Rock I don’t think I could have done a great deal anyway. One aspect of the hill was the formation of small caves on one of the faces that were reputedly used by a bushranger named ‘Mad Dog’ Morgan as his hideout.

Wagga Wagga

Tuesday 3rd April 2007, Wagga.

Ponder this: In our wanders the other day in a museum we spotted the title to a poem, “Don’t call Wagga Wagga Wagga”.

Wagga Wagga is supposed to mean ‘A place of many Crows’ but we haven’t seen a Crow since we have been here.

It seems our preparation for our walk yesterday paid off, as although my legs are telling me today that they did a bit of work yesterday, there is no pain. Hence a restful day was had for the remainder of the day after a stroll around town. We will be going to Galore Hill tomorrow, but this walk should be a breeze.