Thursday 26th April 2007, Moree.

First: Yesterdays post was not meant to be too negative about Gilgandra, as Linda pointed out it could have been. We had only intended being there for two days of rest only. There are quite a few things to do and see there, but we didn’t bother enquiring. Never-the-less I don’t have any major ambitions to return there.

We have now moved on from Gilgandra to Moree, see map. This trip was the longest we have made recently, being just over 300k, and the warmer weather is already telling us that we are near where we want to be. We have been here on several occasions as it is a regular stop along this route. The attraction is the Artesian Pools at the caravan park, being four of them. One pool is at 34 degrees, one at 35, another at 37 and the other at 39 degrees. The warning about limiting time in the pools for the first time is well warranted, and we will be looking forward to more bathing while here, Linda is planning another dip before bed tonight. There must be something with the pools as this is about the only time anyone will see me in water.

The pity with this town is the growing reputation of vandals and crime. One of the first storys we heard after arriving was how somebody’s caravan was broken into the other evening. Security is common sense when in caravan parks, but it is bad when one thinks of locking everything up of an evening.