Monday 30th April 2007, Millmerran.

We are now in Queensland, having crossed the border at Goondiwindi. We have now moved another 250 kilometres, via Goondiwindi to Millmerran, see map. We heard about Millmerran from Ida, her and Barry used to stop here on their way home from their Queensland winters. It seems quite a nice small town, good for stopovers, but I’m not sure I would spend a lengthy time here. I will remember it for future trips up, or down, this way.

We are now only one more stop from the Sunshine Coast, and are starting to feel that we are almost home. We were discussing on this trip today the difference between Tasmania and the Mainland by comparing how Tassie has all that the mainland has to offer but it doesn’t have all the boring bits between them. The boring bits are the long flat, same scenery, roads travelled getting from one place to another. I often used a description similar to this when recommending Tassie to fellow travellers, now I will adopt this version.