Tuesday 24th April 2007, Gilgandra.

That was a relaxing 3 days at Parkes, but we were reasonably glad to leave as the caravan park didn’t over impress us much, or was it just the manager. He was very pedantic about rules, being a Justice of the Peace, and his biggest stir was the rent assist form we wanted him to sign, he seemed to think it was the wrong form, and filled out wrong, a bother we could well do without. We won’t be going back to that park again.

We are now at Gilgandra, see Map, a further 200k north, but not without more dramas. There was a major accident on the highway about 7k north of Peak Hill, which is 50k odd north of Parkes, a double fatality, and I believe it was on a narrow bridge that was badly damaged. Hence the road was still closed today and the accident happened at about 7:00 PM last night. We had to detour west from Peak Hill to Tomingley along about 30k of single bitumen road. The problem with this type road is that one has to get off the bitumen to pass oncoming traffic, and when most of the traffic is semi-trailers this makes for a very dusty trip.

Another reason has cropped up making us want to get to the Sunshine Coast early. Everywhere we have been lately we have encountered this thorny type grass, sometimes called Bindy, Three cornered Jack, Cat’s Heads etc. The thorns are long and sharp and stick into ones shoes, thongs, when walking and will even penetrate all the way through the thongs, horrible stuff.