Thursday 15th March 2007, Bright.

I found out today how to scare the pants off someone petrified of heights: Take them for a drive from Bright to Mount Hotham. Mount Hotham is different to Falls Creek area as it is not flat at all, the whole area is mountainous and very steep, so consequently the last part of the road was on the side of a cliff face. With Linda sitting in the car on that side of the road, looking out her window and straight down a sheer cliff face, nothing rational could possibly occur during this period of time.

The whole area is something to behold, I tried taking heaps of photos but it seems no matter how many one takes you can’t capture on film what you actually see, so the whole thing will just have to stay in our memories. Linda was heard to say that she has not seen the likes of this area since she and Narrelle were in Nepal. I did get a few shots, but it was so windy that one could hardly stand still.

Again we had planned on doing some bushwalking while up there, Ha-Ha-Ha, but with the wind as blowy as it was, the terrain as sheer as it was and the altitude so high, we only did one short walk to a water-fall (with very little water) so exercise will again have to keep, what a bummer.

It would be interesting to compare how this place looks in the snow season, but I can’t see that we would be in the area at that time of year.