Monday 12th March 2007, Bright.

The long weekend is over, and normally I would now be saying “Thank god for that, the kids have now gone home”. It has been quite a surprise that the campers that were close to us, and their total of 5 kids were extremely well behaved. It was almost as though they weren’t there. I am not sure when the last time was that I have seen a group of kids so well behaved.

We have now had a couple of days rest after a fair bit of walking over the previous days, so we are now ready for some more tomorrow as we plan on visiting the Mount Beauty and Falls Creek area. There are several shortish walks we would like to do while there.

I had another practice setting up the satellite dish yesterday and it was a worthwhile exercise. Even though I do have a list of bearings for the Optus C1 satellite it doesn’t give details of enough places. I have modified a map now showing both bearing and elevation lines so the test this time was more to test this map. I did initially tune into the wrong satellite, and as my decoder doesn’t indicate which satellite I am tuned into, I did learn some symptoms of what happens when I am tuned into the wrong, or right, one. One of the problems I have encountered is that even when I tune into the correct satellite it takes quite a few minutes before reception actually starts, so it was a problem determining whether I had in fact tuned into the correct one. As this time I had in fact tuned into the wrong one I did, as I said, learn the symptoms, especially after I readjusted and found the right one.

This camping is just all fun and games.