Friday 9th March 2007 Bright.

I took the panel-van on a drive to a lookout close to town today, and in hind-site it could have been a rather bad move. We were warned that the roads were only fire trail type, but weren’t warned that they should be classed 4 wheel drive only. It was just as well Linda didn’t come with me as she would have panicked something awful. Being very steep, narrow and loose gravel, it wasn’t a real problem going up as the car was under power, but coming down was a different story: I had to rely purely on my brakes, they are very good but one had to prevent them from locking up and skidding down the hill. This also turned out, with extreme care, not to be a problem, but I should have considered that we do carry a lot of weight in the car so it took a lot more stopping. I did get a good view of the township of Bright though.

A walk along the river today has further convinced us to stay here for an extra week because there are more walks around town that we would like to do, for exercise preparation for later, and there are other national parks we would like to visit, like Mt. Beauty and Falls Creek area.

This is a long weekend in Victoria so we are now getting prepared to put up with the influx of children for the weekend.