Wednesday 7th March 2007, Bright.

We had a trip to Mount Buffalo National park today and fortunately did get in a couple of bushwalks. The fires just before Christmas actually went through this area and most of the walks were closed. What we did get in was good though, for exercise, especially the last one: a 1.5 km steep climb to the Horn, a large rock outcrop being the highest peak of Mt. Buffalo at 1,750 meters, my legs will tell me tomorrow what condition I am actually in. Following are a couple of photos showing the lookout at the Horn that I am surprised Linda managed to climb, being a little wheezy with heights.

This one shows the lookout at a distance.

This is a close up of the lookout itself.

We actually drove up to the base of the rocks, and the last 750 meters were the tough ones to climb. The climb was well worth it as the scenery, unobstructed 360 degrees, was something to behold. There were a couple of waterfalls as well, but with no water around and the tracks closed, they will just have to keep.