Saturday 3rd March 2007, Albury.

I am now sitting inside in the cool with our new air-conditioner running. Being nearly 40 degrees outside today it is a very welcome change, believe me. I do have a feeling that it could take a little getting used to though, as it is a little noisy, and it will take a little practice getting the temperature right. Again I am surprised that the firm we had install the air was the only one that I got a quote from that was prepared to come to the van and install it, maybe this one is actually more involved with actual caravanning than the others. I am also still quite surprised that this firm came in nearly $1,000.00, yes three zeros, cheaper than all others.

We went to the military museum yesterday and were quite surprised with what we saw. It was a well worth while visit, being extremely cheap at $2.00 each (concession) and the displays were extremely impressive, actually most of the vehicles are still operational and are going to be paraded at the opening of the new Albury bypass freeway tomorrow.

We should now be ready for a move on Tuesday, with the air now fitted, and my aerial patch cable for the mobile broadband unit turning up yesterday and I have it working, so there is nothing stopping us.