Saturday 17th February 2007, Melbourne.

We have decided when we would like to leave Melbourne, being Friday next week the 23rd. Matt, Lou and family are going to Tassie today for a week or so, and that now leaves us a week to do a few things we must do before leaving, and making ready for “on the road again”. Mind you a couple of things we are waiting on may, but hopefully not, change those plans.

We are more than likely going from here to Albury, and then have a leisurely tour along the Murray River before heading to the Sunshine coast once again. We have already seen much of the Murray in bits and pieces, but this time will be a bit slower and until it is time to go north.

I have finally obtained my new 3G (Next G) mobile broadband unit and hopefully this unit will be a lot better than the old CDMA unit. There has been a fair old story involving the process of getting the unit, but too long to tell here. The story has not actually been completed yet as this is one of the things that must be completed before we leave Melbourne. One of the most complicated parts of the process was obtaining an external aerial for the unit, and we are waiting for the patch cable to arrive from Queensland.

With the above hopefully happening on Monday we will then have a couple of days for getting ready for our move.