Saturday 24th February 2007, (Albury).

We finally got away from Melbourne yesterday but not without some dramas. It threatened to rain and with some shopping we had to do this limited what time we had during the day to pack up. The weather cleared after tea, about 7:00pm, so we finished packing up the awning then so we had less to do on moving day.

We also had another drama: We had for the past week or so noticed some very small insects in the van of a night time and persistent spraying with insecticide didn’t seem to be doing anything to eradicate them. During the day on Thursday, when Linda went to pack some more bread mix she had just bought, we noticed these small insects had taken over the food cupboards. This also set us back a few hours as we then made some attempt to get rid of them. We are now thinning them out a little and we have been to the shops to find something that might finally get rid of them. We found some moth traps that we are hopeful will work, time will tell I guess.

Anyway we did get to Albury yesterday thinking that after suffering Melbourne’s hot days of late, the nights might be a little cooler, but would you believe that it was just as humid and hot here last night as it has been in Melbourne, if not worse. The rain is falling at present so it is cooling down somewhat, so it may be a decent cool night tonight.

Our tentative plans from here are as follows:

We will be in Albury for a little over a week and we do intend stopping for at least a week wherever we do stop. We have been here on several occasions in the past and generally use it as a stopover on our way to or from Melbourne, so we are going to do the touristy thing this time. We are also going to change our moving day to a Tuesday to get away from Thursdays, shopping day.

We then intend to visit several small towns in the Riverina area. This is the area between Gundagai, to the east, and Hay, to the west. We have been through this area on several occasions before, passing through many of these small town saying ” This looks like a nice little town, we must visit one day” so now we are going to.

When we get close to time we need to be on the Sunshine Coast we will then make a move for that area.