Wednesday 28th February 2007, Albury.

We think we have beaten the bugs, there are still a couple coming out now and then but a swat fixes them and they are now becoming fewer.

We found out today why we had so much trouble getting information about several bushwalks in the area, especially ones up to lookouts. It seems bushfires have recently been through the areas, not the most recent fires in Victoria, and the walks have been basically closed for re-vegetation, but one would have thought this information could have been given to us at the info centre. Linda has already commented, though, that the information centre at Albury Wodonga would have to be the least friendly and helpful we have been to so far. We actually left there thinking that we have already seen everything available to see, but we know this is not the case as most of the previous visits have basically been stopover visits only, without much sightseeing. After reading booklets we have found several areas and things we would like to do and these will fill in the next few days.

Some success over the past couple of days: We got the quote for the air-con, and he got the job because he came in at nearly $1000.00 cheaper than other quotes, and he has promised fitting before the weekend. I also got a phone call today advising that my new aerial patch cable for the internet unit has arrived in Aus. and wanting my current address to send it on, hopefully it will be here Friday, then all it has go to do is work effectively.