Monday 1st January 2007.

I remember quite some years ago when our local 8-ball team had an end of year trip to the VFL Grand-final, and I was noted to say that Melbourne was just too busy, too many people around. I now can’t believe that we, along with Matt and family, actually ventured into Melbourne city on new years eve to see the fireworks. It seemed that the equivalent to the whole population of Tasmania was crammed into each block of the city, and a snail could have walked faster. It was good to see the grand-kids enjoy the fireworks, so I guess it was all worth it in the end.

We saw in the new year with Matt and Lou and spent the night with them. Their new house in Rouse St. Port Melbourne is in what I would consider a good location: There are plenty of walking/bike riding tracks around the bay, which is only a block away, and plenty of beaches to occupy the kids. The tram is only a short walk away so transport is no problem either.