Thursday 28th December.

The move yesterday went smoothly with most everything being packed ready before we arrived. Two loads with the panel-van and one with a small truck Matt rented and it was all done. It is a pity, though, that we didn’t have a couple of more male helpers as I am a little stiff and sore today, not too bad but I am a little out of condition. Comes with old age I guess.

I have purchased a couple of new batteries today for the caravan and the rear of the car so we should now be adequately power equipped again. Once again though one has to listen to the words of salesmen as to what they consider would be the best batteries suited, so I ended up with two different types. The one for the caravan is supposedly virtually unbreakable, then the last one was too, as it is completely sealed and supposedly maintenance free. The one for the car is also sealed and of a little less quality. Then it gets a lot less use, and it was a lot cheaper, so what I have now will hopefully keep us going for quite a while, but we will see.

I have a small chore to do for Matthew, was going to be today, but I now don’t have enough time so it will just have to wait, probably tomorrow.