Wednesday 20th December 2006.

We checked out the other caravan parks and decided that we would be just as well off here. The others didn’t have the conveniences as here, such as en-suite and public transport. It may cost a little more here but we are now happy again to call this our local when in Melbourne.

Xmas is getting closer and things are happening: Louisa’s mother is over from Tassie for a visit, with Cameron coming over on Saturday. The pre-Xmas panic with all the cooking to be done has begun so the next few days could be a little hectic.

An unfortunate incident today with some maintenance on the car. The old girl has developed some rust spots on the roof and on a panel joint on the passengers door frame, so I decided to have a go at repairing it. I got my Dremel grinder and ground the rust off the door frame and after treating the remaining rust applied a coat of paint, all looks good. Then the roof spots: as soon as I hit the rust spots with the grinder, holes as big as the end of my small finger appeared due to the rust being completely through the metal panel. It seems to be too late for the old girl as the rust seems to have gotten to a non stoppable stage so I will go ahead with these repairs and if they, or any others, return I will have to give serious consideration to replacing the car with something else. This will be a pity because it is performing so well, touch wood.