Chapter 39.

In Melbourne.

Sunday 17th December 2006, (Melbourne).

Here we are in Melbourne again and will be here for a couple of months.

We have moved into Apollo Gardens at Craigieburn again and are on a long term site once more. We are thinking already that there may be a more suitable park for us to stay at as we are not 100% happy here. Linda’s biggest problem is the cost of the washing machines, now $4.00 a load and only cold water. We are also not extremely happy with the site we have: not that there is anything wrong with the site itself, but rather the location. We seem to be basically on our own with no other tourists to mix with, permanents seem to be a different breed. We are considering looking at a couple of other parks, one at Rockbank, on the Western Highway, that would be closer to Matt and Louisa new place when they move, and according to the RAC book it is cheaper than what we pay here for the long term site.

The other thing that upset us was the condition of the en-suite when we arrived. Apparently the site hasn’t been used for a long time and they obviously hadn’t cleaned it. Linda spent half a day cleaning it, then when I mentioned it at the office they have since decided to strip the inside of the en-suite and completely reline it, Linda is real happy about that decision.

We have spent the last few days spending a fair bit of time with the grandkids as they haven’t seen us for a while, and they are rather thrilled with having us here.