Saturday 9th December 2006, (Eden).

We are now at Eden, the southern most town of size on the coast of NSW, having arrived here yesterday. We had only intended being here for two days, but, 1/ Linda has decided that we would be breaking a new tradition by moving on Sunday, now to be a rest day, so we will probably stay an extra day. 2/ The bush fires in Victoria are close to Bairnsdale and if they worsen there is an indication that the Princes Highway could be closed. If this were to be the case we would not be able to get through. I have gotten some information from the RFA web site, including a hotline number, so I intend ringing them to get updates before we make a move. Hopefully this won’t delay our arrival in Melbourne by too much.

We have semi-decided that we may even return to this area after leaving Melbourne in February, or so, on our way back to the Sunshine Coast and have a leisurely trip this time to see some of the areas we have so far missed. The weather ought to be more suitable then as well.