Monday 11th December 2006, (Bairnsdale).

Our second last leg before reaching Melbourne today sees us at Bairnsdale, Victoria, about 270km from Melbourne. It was an eventful leg as well, with the bushfires rife in Victoria and some of them in the Bairnsdale area. See pics in Recent Photos page, (will only be there for a few months).

The main problem was getting up to date reports on the fires and where the bad ones were. Being in NSW last night the only news reports we were getting was about the worse ones and they are not in this district. The only other reports were about how the Sydney firemen sent to help were the hero’s of the day because they save a house. This was obviously regardless of the probability that the Victorians had already saved quite a few. I was getting a report that there was a slight chance that the Princes highway would be closed at some stage, but there was no information as to where and when. The little information I was getting indicated that the problem would more than likely be west of Bairnsdale so we decided to move today and then have access to more local news of the fire situation, and if necessary we would stay here until it was safe to go on.

It turns out that there are fires in this district but they are north west of here by about 100km or so and there doesn’t seem to be a problem with travel tomorrow. It now looks safe to make our last leg of travel tomorrow, but a check on reports in the morning will reveal actualities.

The other problem of the day was the large cloud of smoke mixing with actual rain clouds causing the resultant rain to be filled with dirt and muck from the fires, so now the car and caravan are in one dirty mess and in dire need of cleaning.