Tuesday 14th November 2006, (Windang).

The inclement weather over the last couple of days has given me a chance to do a little maintenance around the van.

An idea given to me by our next door neighbour was implemented yesterday. His idea was to adapt some inner pieces of timber, but in my case plastic, up the inside of the outside table legs that are adjustable up or down to allow the table to be levelled on uneven ground. This was a tremendous idea and worked very well, as Linda now uses the table for outside cooking and it does make a big difference with the table being level.

I accompanied the next door neighbour, Adrian Bower, to Super-Cheap Auto today, as he wanted some parts for caravan light repairs, and while there I remembered that one of my side lights was not in top condition so I purchased a new one while there. When I attempted to dismantle the old one I was extremely surprised to find that it had been full of water and completely rusted out, so a good decision to buy a new one. This of coarse prompted me to check all other small side lights, and to no surprise now that several needed work on them. Now all are in good working order.

I also needed to purchase a park light globe to relace a blown one and decided to go to a local electronics shop. (For reference the shop name is Mad Electronics, 282 Windang Rd Windang, 2528. Phone 02 4297 7373, email This was because I also had the idea of asking questions about GPS navigators as I am contemplating upgrading the cheapy that I purchased last year, as I now know want I would like a unit to do for me. After pointing out what conditions I wanted to be included in a unit the salesman indicated that one unit he had would perform all these functions plus a lot more. I then went home and downloaded an operators manual from the internet and was extremely surprised with what I discovered. The unit was actually a hand held computer (PDA I believe is the term) with built in GPS functions. I started to ponder that with the unit costing around the price I was expecting to pay for a GPS alone, that if it does perform the required tasks, I would have the added facilities provided by the PDA. The only thing I could not find in the 120 page manual was the instructions for the actual GPS function, I guess that it must be built into the help menu of the unit. I intend going back tomorrow to see if we can fire up the unit so I can investigate further.While at the shop I also noticed that he had a deal on Satellite television, with all included for $799.00. This even included a level meter. I am now giving serious consideration to making this purchase as it would have to be about the best deal I have seen for this service in all our travels. Satellite would be very useful when we do make our journey across the west.