Sunshine Coast

Monday 9th October, Sunshine Coast.

Not a great deal of improvement with Linda as yet, so with a small relapse today we will get her to the GP tomorrow and see if there is something can be done. Her next appointment with the specialist, Dr Kit Wong, isn’t until tomorrow week so we hope there will be a fair bit of improvement before then. This being the case we would then hopefully be able to start making plans for our travels south.

The new mobile broadband, next G, that I have been waiting for was fired up on the weekend and they are advertising free upgrade for current customers. I went into the Telstra shop today to enquire about an upgrade, and would you believe I was told that there is an extreme shortage of equipment, so all they could do was take my details with the intention of calling me when they are available. It will be interesting to see how many Telstra shops I have to register with until I can obtain the upgrade.

Tuesday 10th October, Sunshine Coast.

It seems with Linda’s health problems I have forgotten to mention anything about our new web site. I have had a fair bit of practice with it, but am still having a few problems.

I have created a new page for TV reception details for fellow travellers and each time I try to edit the page for later edition documents the formatting of the text on the page rearranges itself somewhat in a manner that I can’t yet understand. I dare say that with a bit more practice I should overcome this, hopefully.

I tried also to create another page so I could upload my memoirs, but this has presented a few problems also. I asked Matthew to help with my problems, but the solutions did not agree with my thoughts of what I wanted to do. I decided to upload my chapters in a .pdf format but there is obviously a limit on upload file size, and seeing some of the chapters contain several photos some file sizes are several meg and are too big to upload. I guess I will have to give some consideration to reducing the file sizes somehow, maybe I will have to remove the photos on the file I upload to the server.

It’s all fun trying these things.