Sunshine Coast

Wednesday 4th October, Sunshine Coast.

Linda has had her Angiogram, but it didn’t turn out as easy as expected. The Angiogram itself was successful showing that there were no problems with the heart and the arteries, veins, concerned with it, but when the doctor then decided to do a similar test on her lungs he had problems locating the vein he had to insert his probe into. This created a problem by causing extreme pain and discomfort with him probing, jabbing and inserting more local anaesthetic trying to do the procedure. The result of this was massive bruising around the area and some extra pain she now has to come to grips with over the next few days. It also meant an extra overnight stay in hospital to monitor the extra problems. She is now home and feeling somewhat better, but will need a few days rest doing next to nothing, and then gradual building herself up to do what was normal exercise. They have prescribed some medication assuming that the problem is in the area of her lungs and associated veins to see if this helps the problem. Another visit with Dr Kit Wong in a couple of weeks will reveal whether that is in fact the problem, here’s hoping so. This being the case will mean that we can up roots and start making our way south somewhere late in October. For now then it is just wait and see.

Friday 6th October, Sunshine Coast.

Linda is progressing with her recovery, she is a bit more mobile doing a couple of very short and steady walks today. One can only wait for further improvements. She is as usual very upset at the moment because I am doing a lot of her chores and she does’t like not being able to do the chores she would normally undertake, but she will just have to put up with it.