We have been thinking that we moved south too early, as it has been rather cool here of a night time with the southerly winds, but it has been rather cold everywhere down south and that is what we have been getting.

It has been very enjoyable here and would be a good place to spend some time to just relax. There is ample shopping close by and if one needs large shops Coffs Harbour is only 25 Km up the road.

We are now ready for another leg of our trip tomorrow, but at this stage we are unsure where we are going to stop tomorrow night. It will be more than likely down near Port Stephens for an overnight stop, and then on to Sydney, so we will see what tomorrow brings. It is forecast for rain and storms over the next couple of days and this could very well alter our plans.


Urunga is situated on the coast at the entrance of two rivers, Bellinger and Kalang. Not very often seen where two rivers enter the coast at the same point.

One noted thing here is the foot bridge from the town across the mangrove swamp to the breakwater that leads to the coastline. This is a must do as the scenery is some of its own.

One thing noted on the coastline was one area of the beach that was littered with driftwood, it is isolated to one side of the rivers entrance. This is something that probably occurs regularly, but I can’t recall seeing such an occurrence anywhere else in our travels. The wood has probably been washed out from the rivers and then deposited on the beach by the prevailing tides.


Another move now sees us at a small place called Urunga, about 25 Km south of Coffs Harbour. We visited this town last year while on our way south as we had heard about it and decided then that we must come and stay sometime, so here we are.

We have only been here a couple of hours and already we feel we could stay for a lengthy period. We are thinking of extending this visit from 3 to 5 days, but we must consider how quickly we really want to get to Sydney.

Haven’t done much around here yet, my back is playing up but is a little better today, and after setting up all I wanted to do was rest. There is a long boardwalk across the water to the costal area that is quite long so we must go there for a good look around. From the caravan park, right next to the reserve, there seems to be quite a few walking tracks on the other end of the boardwalk so it should be interesting when we get there.

Linda also likes the township itself, as there are a couple of supermarkets to make her happy. She actually lashed out today and bought a banana and ate it as the price was a little lower here than elsewhere of late.


Chapter 38

Moving on from the Sunshine Coast.

We have now started our migration south to be in Melbourne for Xmas, and have, yesterday, arrived at Ballina. How plans can change easily: My back has been playing up since yesterday and is not very good, the worst bout I have had in many years, so if it doesn’t improve tomorrow we may consider staying here longer. We had planned on only being here for two days as we have decided to make a reasonably quick trip to Sydney so we could spend some time on the South NSW coast.A welcome discovery at the caravan park at Ballina is the free wireless internet provided. All one has to do is register so one can logon, but only two hours per day is allowed.

Sunshine Coast

Tuesday 24th October 2006, (Sunshine Coast).

It is amazing how much extra one uses when one is parked for so long. Today was a day for packing up the extra stuff so now all we have to do tomorrow is the normal packing as if it were a normal move.

Linda still has an appointment with the GP tomorrow to finally sort out a couple of questions so we can leave here with a clear mind, and whether we need to do some follow-up treatment when we get to Melbourne or not.

Our travel plans for the next couple of months, if we can stick to them, is to make a rather quick move to Sydney by making about four shortish trips and be there about this time next week. We are doing this so we can have a reasonable amount of time to spend cruising around the coast from Sydney to Melbourne concentrating on the southern NSW coast. We have only been along there once, six years ago, being our first trip after leaving Tassie for the first time. We intend stopping at places that we didn’t stop at on our first trip, but we at this stage not planning any places so we can pick them each time we make a move. We intend being in Melbourne early to mid December.

We just rang some friends we know that are in the Wollongong area to find out where they are, and they are at Windang, so I guess that will be our first stop after Sydney, and we will take it from there.

Wednesday 25th October 2006, (Sunshine Coast).

We are now all packed, except for finals tomorrow, so we will now be on the move again.