Sunshine Coast

Thursday 21st September, (Sunshine Coast).

Linda had her CT Scan and the results showed nothing wrong, with the exception it did show a bad disc in her back, 6/7, which explains the pain in the back she has had for years. Doctor Faithful will treat this when the present problem is overcome.

We are once again back on the Sunshine Coast, and hope this will be the last surprise trip for a while. We will now concentrate on Linda’s little problem before we consider moving, and it will be interesting to see how we handle the warm weather.

Several people are moving on tomorrow and this will leave us being one of the only originals from down south left for this year. The park is at present filling with school holiday makers with their kids, so it could be interesting times for a while.

Saturday 30th September, Sunshine Coast.

We had a visit to the specialist yesterday and the same story: at this stage it is unknown what Linda’s problem is. The next step is an angiogram to be done on Monday. This requires a day admission to hospital, Sunshine Coast Private Hospital, and hopefully with no complications she will be released on the same day. This test is to find out if the problem is angina or not.

On a completely different subject: while back in Tassie a couple of weeks ago I put a question to Matthew about starting our own web site, and his response was: “Easy, no problems”. I thought that would be the end of it, as I did remind him of the trouble Narrelle had getting him to create one, but an email from him today informed me he had already created a site for us, He has published most of my reports on the site and it turns out that it seems not very difficult for me to modify the site to add what I wish to. It will be interesting to see how the site progresses.