Sunshine Coast

Thursday 14th September.

More dramas already with John Skirving passing away late last night. Linda is now feeling a little depressed because she wanted to be there to offer her support when the event occurred. She is now on a flight to Tassie as we had booked it earlier yesterday so she could be there for however long was needed. I am now flying across tomorrow and we will be returning on Wednesday 20th. These were the only flights I could get hold of. All is now booked though, even down to the rental car, and I have an offer of a lift to the airport tomorrow by the people who are looking after the bird.

I have already received a response from the caravan magazine about my TV reception booklet. The say they will publish it in conjunction with a story someone else was putting together and have offered me a free 12 month subscription as well as accreditation for the story, so we will see what happens.