Sunshine Coast

Monday 22nd May.

The capacitor worked a treat, all is now working well.

I have recently been asked and talked into giving people a hand with TV reception, and have now decided that I would prefer not to help anybody at all. I have found that I can give people all the information they want to get a good reception, but if they do not have the equipment to get that good reception then there is not much I can really do for them. In most cases these people have recently purchased an aerial on somebody else’s advice for an area they were previously in and can’t understand why the equipment isn’t good enough for the area they are now in. They are also very hesitant to purchase something new again to suit the current area, so I say again it turns out there is generally not much I can do for them.

Thursday 25th May.

I have had more of the ‘Help me with TV reception’ requests: One camper close by saw me doing some electrical work the other day and asked the question, “What do you know about Set Top Boxes?” This was the end of it again, not only did I fix that guys problem, the bloke next door saw the result of digital TV and bought one himself so I also had the job of setting his up and explaining how it all works. I have the funny feeling that word may spread and I will get more of these jobs while here.