Thursday 4th May, (Narrabri).

Narrabri: A town I think will stick in our memories. This is one of the few towns that one gets that warm welcome feeling as soon as one parks the caravan. After being here for a full day we don’t know if it is the fact that we are now experiencing cloudless skies and warmth for the first time in ages, the peacefulness of the area or the friendly and courteous people that live here. We are both surprised that this is one of the very few towns that the locals are prepared to talk to visitors and actually apologise for stepping in your way, even young aboriginal boys, and the fact that everybody even observes the keep left rule on footpaths etc. Even Piper, the bird, seems a lot happier here than he has been anywhere for ages.

We had decided that we needed to be in warmer weather so we bypassed Gilgandra and made a long trip to Narrabri with the idea of only staying for a couple of days, but with the friendly feeling we are experiencing with the town we have extended our stay for another couple of days and if all goes well we may even stay longer if we decide to. There are a couple of day trips we have decided to do while here in the Kaputar National Park. One is to the top of Mt. Kaputar as it is reputed that on a clear day one can see 2/3 of the entire state of NSW from there, so we intend to find out. There is also an attraction called Sawn Rocks on the northern end of the Park that we have heard about so intend to check that out as well.

Friday 5th May, (Narrabri).

The stories we heard about Mt. Kaputar are true: The scenery from the summit would have to be some of the best we have seen on our travels, one could have just sat there for hours admiring it. It may have been a bit of a coincidence that we saw a feature on Mt Kaputar on Getaway, or one of the travel shows, just a week or so ago and when we arrived here and heard about it we decided it would be a must to go and see. We did a walk of several kilometres while there and not being in peak condition decided that it was enough for one day. We do intend returning here one day so the rest of the walks we didn’t do will give us something to do when we return.