Sunshine Coast

Monday 22nd May.

The capacitor worked a treat, all is now working well.

I have recently been asked and talked into giving people a hand with TV reception, and have now decided that I would prefer not to help anybody at all. I have found that I can give people all the information they want to get a good reception, but if they do not have the equipment to get that good reception then there is not much I can really do for them. In most cases these people have recently purchased an aerial on somebody else’s advice for an area they were previously in and can’t understand why the equipment isn’t good enough for the area they are now in. They are also very hesitant to purchase something new again to suit the current area, so I say again it turns out there is generally not much I can do for them.

Thursday 25th May.

I have had more of the ‘Help me with TV reception’ requests: One camper close by saw me doing some electrical work the other day and asked the question, “What do you know about Set Top Boxes?” This was the end of it again, not only did I fix that guys problem, the bloke next door saw the result of digital TV and bought one himself so I also had the job of setting his up and explaining how it all works. I have the funny feeling that word may spread and I will get more of these jobs while here.

Sunshine Coast

Sunday 21st May, (Sunshine Coast).

We have had a fair bit of rain over the last week so not a great deal has been done. I have managed to rewire the power through the tunnel and to the battery charger to make it at least legal. I wired in a power point in the tunnel to which the power supply for the fridge now wires to, and removed the dodgy wiring for the inverter. When the inverter ever gets used again a cable connection will have to be used from it to the outside socket, which should have been the case all along. The switch inside for the inverter will still fully function.

I have also purchased a new battery charger to keep the battery up during evenings, as we now use 12 volts more with running the new TV direct from it and the old one wasn’t big enough. Nothing is straight forward though: I purchased a cheapy, old technology, as I am unsure how the newer, pulse switching technology, would handle working with the solar panels. I have come across another problem that could have been the same with the old charger, I don’t know because I probably haven’t looked at the charge level at night when the solar panels have switched off. It happens that after dark I found the charger produces no charge due to it not turning the regulator on. After thinking about it for a while it seems to me that it could well be that the output may not be very well regulated, resulting in the variation of voltage may result in not turning on the regulator, but when the solar is working its voltage would regulate the chargers output. I am going to buy a capacitor and try putting it across the output to see if it makes a difference.

Sunshine Coast

Chapter 37

On the Sunshine Coast and possibly beyond.

Friday 12th May 2006, (Sunshine Coast).

We arrived here yesterday and already stated we feel like we are home again.

We intend sitting here for about 4 months so there may not be much put down.

Monday 15th May, (Sunshine Coast).

Been here less than a week and we are already talking about the possibility of making the Sunshine Coast our base sometime in the future and settle here when not travelling. I must go to the office one day and ask about the conditions of permanency on a site, this may influence our decision.

I had a rather fulfilling day today with taking the car to Midas to check an exhaust leak, and turned out having to replace the muffler. I am quite surprised to have only gotten 80,00 Km from that muffler. We will see how long this one lasts. I also fitted new pole carrier pipes to the rear of the caravan as the existing ones were not big enough. I didn’t replace the existing ones, as to do so would mean a 150mm new pipe and they, and attachments, are too expensive, so the new 100mm one as well as old 75mm ones should now suffice. I will probably be able to use the old rear one for storage of drain pipes so I can get rid of them from the tunnel. I also fitted a short carrier to the rear of the roof racks on the car. There was a meter of pipe left over as I could only buy a 3 meter length, so I bought some more end covers and made the second one. This short one should suffice for the short poles and fly screens from the annexe.

Tomorrow seems as though it is going to be spring cleaning day: Something to really look forward to.

Sunshine Coast

Friday 12th May, (Sunshine Coast).

We had a relaxing time at Dalby, a walk around town, Linda did her thing checking out the shops, and generally enjoyed it.

Yesterday we also had an early start and when we arrived at Kingaroy, where we had originally decided to stay overnight and stock up with peanuts, after stocking up with the peanuts we decided that we had plenty of time to carry on all the way to the Sunshine Coast. We have been getting a little sick of the cool nights, which were colder than the BOM indicated, and it was like it all the way from Melbourne. Most nights during the whole trip got down to 2 or 3 degrees and the B.O.M. indicated the minimum average for all places was 8-10 so I guess it was cooler than average everywhere. The thing that finally made our decision to hurry to the coast was the weather reports for Brisbane area we were seeing once we arrived in Queensland, with the minimums at 12-15, so the temptation was just too much for us.

The decision to move all the way yesterday turned out to be a good one as it started raining last night and has been raining a fair bit since. We would have gotten rather wet if we had moved today.

It is nice to be here at last. We once again feel like we are home, and Piper obviously feels that way too. I think we are going to enjoy the next few months.

One thing that surprised me though was the fact that it took Linda a full day to get to the shopping centre, but she did get there today.

The next few months may result in not much being written so this may as well be it for now.


Tuesday 9th May, (Dalby).

After getting up at 5:00AM to see the release of the miners from their entrapment this morning, and a 300km trip to Dalby along a very rough road today I am now quite knackered so this will be all for now.


Sunday 7th May 2006, Moree.

We had a short trip to the northern end of Mt. Kaputar National Park yesterday to a feature called Sawn Rocks. This is reputed to be the best specimen of an organ pipe formation in the southern hemisphere, and it could well be true.

This hasn’t happened for a while: A couple of photos.

I can’t get over how the pillars have formed in a perfect hexagonal shape, not just some of them, but most of them. This formation is a must see if in the area.

We have moved today to Moree, only a short trip of 100km. We had thought of going next to Dalby in our rush to get to warmer weather, but being too far for one journey, 450km odd, and with the weather being warmer now than it was we decided to stop over at Moree and enjoy a soak in the hot artesian pools located at the caravan park we are at. We don’t intend doing anything else while here, except, we have decided to stay for two days instead of only overnight as we were originally expecting the trapped miners in Beaconsfield to be released some time tonight and we want to watch it on tele. It now seems that they may be a day later being released so hopefully it will happen tomorrow while we are here anyway.


Thursday 4th May, (Narrabri).

Narrabri: A town I think will stick in our memories. This is one of the few towns that one gets that warm welcome feeling as soon as one parks the caravan. After being here for a full day we don’t know if it is the fact that we are now experiencing cloudless skies and warmth for the first time in ages, the peacefulness of the area or the friendly and courteous people that live here. We are both surprised that this is one of the very few towns that the locals are prepared to talk to visitors and actually apologise for stepping in your way, even young aboriginal boys, and the fact that everybody even observes the keep left rule on footpaths etc. Even Piper, the bird, seems a lot happier here than he has been anywhere for ages.

We had decided that we needed to be in warmer weather so we bypassed Gilgandra and made a long trip to Narrabri with the idea of only staying for a couple of days, but with the friendly feeling we are experiencing with the town we have extended our stay for another couple of days and if all goes well we may even stay longer if we decide to. There are a couple of day trips we have decided to do while here in the Kaputar National Park. One is to the top of Mt. Kaputar as it is reputed that on a clear day one can see 2/3 of the entire state of NSW from there, so we intend to find out. There is also an attraction called Sawn Rocks on the northern end of the Park that we have heard about so intend to check that out as well.

Friday 5th May, (Narrabri).

The stories we heard about Mt. Kaputar are true: The scenery from the summit would have to be some of the best we have seen on our travels, one could have just sat there for hours admiring it. It may have been a bit of a coincidence that we saw a feature on Mt Kaputar on Getaway, or one of the travel shows, just a week or so ago and when we arrived here and heard about it we decided it would be a must to go and see. We did a walk of several kilometres while there and not being in peak condition decided that it was enough for one day. We do intend returning here one day so the rest of the walks we didn’t do will give us something to do when we return.


Monday 1st May, (Parkes).

Now 300km further north at Parkes, and the weather is no warmer.

We are already talking about how long we intend being here. We only booked in for 2 days, but we have things to consider like shopping on Thursday, there seems to be better shopping here than may be at Gilgandra or Narrabri. Then there is digital TV, we have reception here but at low quality level. If it holds out at night time then it would be better for recording Prison Break for Matt on Wednesday, seeing we won’t get digital anywhere between here and Dalby. We will see what eventuates over the next few days.