Wednesday 26th April, (Griffith).

Now at Griffith about 200km north of Deniliquin. We will be here for 5 days or so, and the main influencing factor is how Linda recovers from a virus she picked up on Monday. She was pretty bad with it on Monday and doesn’t seem so bad now, but we will see how she improves over the next few days.

There also seems to be a fair bit to do round here and a visit to the information centre tomorrow will reveal how much.

We were a little lucky to get in at this caravan park as they have a caravan club booked in, but they did find a site for us. It doesn’t suit our annexe but I have mounted our travel awning roof between the van and the en-suite so hopefully this will suffice.

It’s nice to be back in a digital TV area again, although there is no channel 10, but we don’t watch it much anyway.

Saturday 29th April, (Griffith).

We have had a couple of lazy days as it has been wet and windy. There are a couple of things we wanted to do and see, like a national park about 35km to the north east, but we are not going bush walking in the wet. It doesn’t really matter if we don’t get there as there will be next time.

This is a funny laid out town with most of the city area confined to one main street so not many photos will be taken as it won’t need many to show the town layout. We did visit a couple of lookouts north of town so I did get some elevated shots of the town. We will now see what happens over the next couple of days as to whether we extend our visit.