Sunday 30th April, (Griffith).

The weather improved a little today, still overcast though, so we had a short drive to Lake Wyangan, about 8km west of town. There is a camping area there with maximum time of 3 days, and it looked like a nice enough place to camp if it was not raining. The lake and picnic area is a very nice place for picnics and such as was demonstrated be the number of locals there. Also on offer were some animals in cages like a mini zoo that would help make it an ideal place for an outing with kids.

We also had a short walk along the main street with the idea of me taking my usual photo session, but as explained this city is a difficult one to photo as there is basically only one main street with all the shops along one side of it, so all scenery looks the same. The other problem is that the few decent buildings worth photographing were surrounded by trees so no decent shots could be taken.

The weather does not look like improving over the next few days so we will move on tomorrow anyway and there will always be the next time to see what we missed.