Friday 21st April, (Deniliquin).

We are now where we intended to be on our first stop after leaving Melbourne, Deniliquin, about 200km west of Albury. This seems like a very nice town, but a bit warmer weather would help a lot. We are finding the temperatures are a little cooler than normal, but it seems to be that way all round this area, so hopefully it will improve.

The caravan park we are in is in a rather nice area on the banks of the Edward River that runs through the town. It is one of the very few parks that offer river views and actually supply it. It would be nice, if a bit warmer, to sit on the river bank and have lunches, so we are considering returning here another time when it is a bit warmer.

Monday 24th April, (Deniliquin).

Quite a nice little town is Deniliquin with a difference to most towns of this size. They have a series of lakes, or ponds, that stretch the length of the main town centre and makes a great place for somewhere to sit and relax during walking around town shopping or whatever. I had a walk around town on Saturday doing my usual photo thing, but only covered half of the town so we went on another stroll today. It turns out I covered most of the town on Saturday so today was mostly spent along the ponds and river edge.