Thursday 16th February.

Another week plus has passed and what a week: We had Adrian over for the week and it was once again congested in and around the caravan. He has now had his holiday and returned home to leave us back in a somewhat normal living state.

We had a trip to the Werribee Zoo today, and although it was worthwhile it was also a little disappointing. I guess once one has been to Dubbo Zoo one compares others with it and there really isn’t any comparison. Werribee has a safari tour which I reckon is a must because if one doesn’t do it one will miss most of what is on offer. I guess what I am actually trying to say is that there wasn’t as many animals on display as what was expected, then the explanation was that Werribee was originally only a holding ground for Melbourne Zoo. It probably still is, but is also open as an actual zoo. Still well worth the trip. We found that buying a passport for all three zoos was the best way to go as the safari tour was included in that purchase where I believe that it is extra on just a park entry ticket.

Friday 24th February.

We have had Matt and Lou, with kids, for the last week, and as expected we are at the moment baby-sitting two of them. I have now made a decision that in future there will be no more than one staying over at any given time, two or three is just too much in the caravan. We had all three of them on a trip to the zoo today and it would have gone a lot better if the weather had not been so hot.

I have found a wall mount bracket for the TV and have mounted it. This will enable us to fasten the set down while travelling, which will make things a lot easier.