Wednesday 11th January.

Again it’s been a week since putting words down. It’s not as if we haven’t had much happening since then, but we have been rather busy with Narrelle having had the baby and all.

Jaedon Miguel was born on 9th at 1:25 AM at the Mercy hospital Heidelberg. At a weight of 6lb 10oz and 49cm long he was in very good health, as was his mother.

Naturally our time has been spent visiting them, and creating emails letting everybody else know. Matthew, no1, came over on a day business trip yesterday so he got to visit them while still in hospital. He came out to visit us, and stay for tea, before heading home, so we also had a chance to have a good catch-up chat.

We have now had a good chance to test out the GPS unit and have decided that we don’t know how we have managed to survive so long so far without it. Linda is the most happy, as she is the one that will no longer have to “travel to strange places with a sweaty plastic map on her lap to show how to get there”. She is naturally the one who is already showing signs of relief for having it. The real test will be when we get to country towns and the outback, and see how effective it is there.

We are now seriously considering what we are going to do for the rest of the year, and which route we are going to take to get there, and have decided that we must make a decision before the end of this month. It is looking like we may have another year of sitting in one place, like the Sunshine Coast, and possibly get there via the coastal route again since it has been a while since going that route. This is of coarse after we go home for a month or so in March.