Friday 23rd December.

Well, the transmission has been replaced and I am now hoping that I made the right decision. Since talking to them last week I have been seriously pondering whether or not to actually replace it or just repair it. When I dropped off the car I explained my plight to them and they suggested that they would have a look at it first, before removing it and give me a call with the results. It turns out that they took the car for a test drive and were not happy with any of the gear changes so, even though there were no visible signs of metal in the magnets in the pan, I told them to change it over.

I have requested, and I am hopeful that it will be forthcoming, a report on the condition of the box when they dismantle it for rebuilding. They said they would label the box accordingly so the worker will note it and follow through with my request. One way or the other it will be handy to find out what actual condition the old transmission was for future reference.

They also did a couple of other jobs for me while they had the car, such as replace the rear main engine seal, and the welsh plug on the rear of the block. It turns out that with Ford the transmission has to come out anyway to replace the rear main seal so this has possibly saved me quite an expense to have it done later.

The welsh plug wasn’t in real bad state either, so I won’t worry too much about the others for a while.

Xmas is just about upon us and we are now starting to feel the pre-season panic that usually comes with this time of year.

Wednesday 28th December.

Well Xmas is over for another year. It was a nice change though to have a reasonably quiet Xmas with Nelle and Matt and his family, and not have a heap of people, and kids, there.

Otherwise things have been rather quiet, apart from spending Xmas with Nelle, nothing else has been happening so we have just been relaxing around home, (the van). Hopefully soon the Xmas shopping rush will be over and shopping trips will be back to normal instead of the panic rush as things are at the moment.