Sunday 20th November.

We have had a weekend of visiting and are now ready for a little settling down after we move sites tomorrow. We went to Frankston yesterday to visit Rick and family and had a good catch up chat. Today was a visit to Barry and Ida’s. It was good to see them again and we decided that it would be an idea to see them regularly while here, and it may help me fill in some time, if I have any to spare, visiting them while Linda is back in Tassie.

Monday 21st November.

A big move today: Narrelle rang up this morning asking mother if she wanted to go on ‘Puffing Billy’ with them tomorrow, the answer was yes before realising we were supposed to move to the permanent site tomorrow. After discussing it with reception we decided to make the move today, so the big move was from one side of the park to the other. It’s times like this that I find out how fit I am, as after having a full pack-up, move and a full set-up all in one day I was rather buggered when finished. We are now moved so it won’t have to be done tomorrow.