Tuesday 25th October, (Singleton).

With a fine looking day, weather wise, saw us make a move today to Singleton. This trip was not without its little happenings though. We have had an overheating problem for the past few weeks and it came to a head today with severe overheating. In the five years of travelling it was time to use the RACT for the first time, so we gave them a call. We were at East Maitland when we finally decided that we had to stop, and the NRMA, we are in NSW, came there to see us. I explained to the mechanic that I considered that the problem was the thermostat and he sort of agreed. I could kick myself because after having overheating problems for several weeks I should have picked a lot earlier that this was the problem. The mechanic removed the thermostat, cut out the faulty centre of it and replaced it until I got a chance to replace it with a new one. The main problem with this job though, was that one bolt, holding the cover, removed most of the thread in the hole. A longer bolt was provided by the mechanic to get me by until I could repair the damage.

We then decided that we would stop at Singleton, mainly because the old thermostat didn’t seal the cover and we had a small leak, so at least a new thermostat had to be installed. I couldn’t get the hole repaired while here so it will have to keep until later. The new thermostat was fitted and the longer bolt seems to be holding well enough so this should get us by for now, and hopefully until we get to Melbourne.

The main reason for not waiting here to repair the bolt hole is because we consider that the caravan park we stopped at is ripping us off by charging us $25.00 per night when we think this is about at least $5.00 over priced, and the RAC book showed it at $20.00 anyway, so we decided that we would not stay any longer than one night out of principle.