Wednesday 19th October, (Sawtell).

We are still rained in so we decided today would be a better shopping day than tomorrow, and we may get a little look around tomorrow if it is a bit finer.

We had a discussion with some fellow campers yesterday as to where we intend going when we leave here, Bulahdelah, and there response was “why would you want to go there, there isn’t even a caravan park there”. I then showed them that there was and they then convinced me that this is a town that people just pass through. We have taken this to heart and decided to stay somewhere else, Old Bar. We will take a bit of notice of Bulahdelah next time we are going through there and see what we did miss.

Friday 21st October, (Sawtell).

We are still rained in at Sawtell and have had to book in for another couple of days as it is too wet to pack up and move. If we were moving to somewhere and planning to stay for a week or so it wouldn’t matter so much if the annexe was a little damp because we would be getting it out again on the same day. Our plans for the next couple of stopovers are for a couple of days only so it won’t be worth putting the annexe up, hence it must be dry before we pack it up and store it. It is forecast to fine up for the next coupe of days so we should be able to move tomorrow, if we want to get up very early, or Sunday.