Monday 17th October, (Sawtell).

So much for all the things we were going to see while here: It has rained since being here and is forecast for more until we are due to leave. We will see what happens on Thursday, rain wise to see whether we pack up or not, and then decide if we will stay for a few more days or not.

We do intend going to Dorrigo and, or, Urunga while here rain or shine as there seems to be scenes worth the trip. Dorrigo has an air walk that we must see.

We have booked another trip for Linda to go home for a week at the end of December so she can see the kids as we will not be going home for Xmas. We do then plan another trip early in the new year.

Tuesday 18th October, (Sawtell).

The sun shone through again today so we went for a drive up along the Waterfall way, the highway to Armidale. The specific towns we went to see were Dorrigo and Bellingen, and also Urunga on the coast. There is a couple of lookouts and a skywalk in the Dorrigo area that we intended to see, and were not disappointed. The whole area is so green and dense with rainforest, probably a better type of rainforest than one would se in Queensland. The skywalk was not as spectacular as we expected, but it was not disappointing either, still giving some spectacular views. We had the idea that we could spend some time in the Dorrigo area as there are quite a few National parks with many walking tracks. The problem is that we would have to stay at Bellingen because the road up the range would be a little steep and windy for the caravan. Bellingen, and its caravan park seemed like quite a nice place so it was decided that when we are next in the area with some time to spare we could spend some time there.

We also went to Urunga for a look as we had heard a few stories about it, and we had only passed through there on our travels up and down the coast. This is another place that is a must visit area when we have some time. The caravan park is close to the coast and is a very good looking park.