Tuesday 11th October, (Sawtell).

We have now moved about 200Km south to Sawtell, just south of Coffs Harbour, and not without incident. Yet another tyre destroyed itself today, or at least we detected it before it totally destroyed itself. We are now wondering what the problem is, I will have another talk to the so-called experts at Beaurepair tomorrow when I take the faulty one for replacement.

Friday 14th October, (Sawtell).

An eventful couple of days have just passed, with reloading laptops, and getting new tyres for the caravan.

It has been a bit of a learning exercise for me in reloading my old laptop for Linda’s use. I originally intended to configure it for logins for each of us, but some software we wanted to load is old and obviously not 100% suitable for XP and would not run on any other logon but mine. This was unsuitable for Linda so I decided to remove logons; now Linda will have to get used to the old directory tree I have adopted. Hopefully this should not be too much of a problem, time will get her used to it. All seems to be up and running now though, with the exception of the things Linda will find I have forgotten to load.

I had a big discussion with Beaurepairs about the van tyres, a female was the other party but she did seem to have a fair idea, and the solution was to change to Olympic Trojans. These are supposed to be a better tyre than Goodyear or Dunlop but time will tell I guess. It was reassured to me that there was no fault of mine whatsoever in the tyres failing, but I could not get an answer as to why they kept failing. I received different stories about tyre brands again that demonstrates that stories vary depending on whom one is talking to. Some previous Beaurepair staff think that Dunlop tyres are rubbish yet this woman swears that Dunlop are the superior tyre, so who knows. So long as they keep replacing the faulty tyres when needed I guess we will just have to see how these new ones perform. It is ironic, to a degree, that the tyres I have now used are the same brand recommended by the Beaurepairs in Ingham when I originally had problems, but they did not have any in stock. It seems that if these new tyres are the answer that our problems could have been overcome several years ago.