Chapter 33.

Unknown route back South.

Wednesday 7th September 2005, (Kingaroy).

We don’t have to be in Brisbane until the 18th September, so we have decided to leave the Sunshine Coast and have a look around for a while before going there. The school holidays starting next week dictates the peak season for caravan parks on the coast so with sky-rocketing park prices it means this is a good time to leave the coast area anyway.

We moved today to Kingaroy, the late Joe Bjelke Petersen country, and had intended to stay here for a week then move on to Esk for a few days before going on to Brizzie. Even after only being here for our first day we are considering staying here for the full spare time that we have. We have heard a few stories about Kingaroy along the lines “There’s nothing to do in Kingaroy, it’s too small”! We find these stories once again have no reflection on our ideas of the place, it seems there could be quite a deal to do here. There could be quite a few day trips around the district, the peanut festival is on this coming weekend, so we seem to think that we are not going to find it hard to find things to do. We were also surprised to find that there is a large Woollies and Kmart shopping centre in town, so this could influence Linda to like the town a little more.

We intend sitting down tomorrow and looking at what is to do in the area and decide what we intend to do and see, so we will then take it all from there.

One little, or possibly big, job I do have to do is look at a problem with one of our van windows, we had trouble closing it this morning, and in the panic of trying to fix it while packing up to move, I actually managed to break the glass, so I need to have another look at it.

Thursday 8th September, (Kingaroy).

Shopping day for Linda today, and while she was doing that I did my usual thing and walked the streets taking photos.

I am once again surprised by the shopping facilities here at Kingaroy, as I went to an electronics shop, coincidentally the same name as two I visited on the Sunshine Coast without luck, and they had what I wanted. They now have my external aerial cable and are fitting the new plug for me, hopefully they won’t be too long doing it, they did indicate tomorrow possibly.

We have been to the information centre and have now almost surely decided that we will be here for the extra 4 days, car racing all day Sunday also influences the decision.